Swale Canine Fertility Services

Based in Sheerness, Kent.  We are breeders of French Bulldogs and miniature Daschunds.  We also offer stud services with the studs that we have been breeding for the last 15 years. Over this time we have built up extensive skills of breeding, and have indepth knowledge and qualifications in Canine Reproduction.

Services we offer

Progestrone Testing

Progresterone Testing

This is a test that measures progresterone levels in the blood.
It gives an accurate method for timing breedings due to progresterone increasing during ovulation.



This is a swab taken from your female’s vulva. It collects the cells onto the bud and is then examined under the microscope.  The cells will give you a reading of when your female is on her cycle and will determine when to mate.


Semen Analysis

This is a collection taken from the male to see if he can be used as a stud dog.  The sample is looked at under the microscope.  We check for Motility and Morphology by doing this we can also prepare and send chilled Semen.


Canine Ultrasound

Ultrasound Scanning

This is done to confirm pregnancy.  Scans are recommended to be done around 30-35 days. Scanning around these dates we can also estimate numbers as well as measuring to give an estimated due date.


French Bulldog Studs

Stud Services

Neo – lilac & tan carrying cream. AtatddcocoEe n/n n/em kyky Dm, JHC, CMR1+HUU DNA health test cleared.
Sherlock – lilac and tan platinum carrying testable choc and intensity. AtatddcocoBbEe n/n N/N I/i kyky Dm, JHC, CMR1+HUU DNA health test cleared


DNA Strand

DNA Colour & Health Testing

This is done by using a buccal swab.

A swab sample is taken from the mouth/cheek. The sample is then sent to the lab and results will be emailed within 2 weeks.

Please enquire for pricing as there are various tests.


Dog Waiting For Examination

Artificial Insemination

This is a method introducing semen perviously collected form the male.

This is then inseminated into the female.

This process is safer and cleaner.

All equipment used is sterile.



Waking of Semen

Chilled semen can be sent directly to me.

Prepared for waking.

Analysed under a microscope and inseminated.



Semen Transportation

Shipping Semen

Semen is collected, analysed and prepared for chilling using a chill extender.

The price includes all materials, chill box and postage.

From £150

Animal Microchipping


I offer microchipping for small animals.

Dogs and Puppies must be microschipped by law.

I microchip and register at the same time.

£10 per chip / £8 per chip for litters over 5

*** These prices are in house prices, I offer a mobile service but prices will be reflected on this depending on the travel involved ***

15 Years Extensive Experience

Dedicated and Focused

Qualified and Experienced

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Excellent Service, very knowledgeable and friendly lady who goes that extra mile to help.


Absolutely fantastic services at Swale canine fertility services from start to finish very professional. We have used Sarah on a number of occasions and has always made sure to fit us in even when busy. With perfect results each time.


I have used Sarah at swale fertility clinic a few times. She has sent me chilled semen for my girls. The service was easy and quick, semen arrived packaged well and on time. They resulted in successful litters and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.


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Flexible Appointment Times Available On Request


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